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Green Supply Chain: A Strategic Approach to Decarbonize Capital Intensive Industries

Green Supply Chain: 

A Strategic Approach to Decarbonize Capital Intensive Industries

Capital-intensive industries, critical to the global economy, are major contributors to emissions, accounting for 30% of global emissions and 37% of energy use. Facing pressure from various stakeholders for sustainability, these sectors are adopting decarbonization strategies to combat climate change and promote a healthier planet. Green supply chain management (GSCM) offers a strategic solution, incorporating eco-friendly practices across the supply chain to reduce environmental impact, improve efficiency, and drive economic growth, while meeting consumer demands for sustainability. Finboot's MARCO Track & Trace solution enhances this shift towards net-zero by increasing supply chain emission transparency and accountability.

What You'll Learn:

  • The driving forces behind the changes in industrial decarbonization.
  • Challenges and solutions for the capital-intensive industry, barriers, regulations, and technologies.
  • Meet MARCO Track & Trace, the first all-in-one suite for green supply chain management.
  • Use cases on how digitalization can improve supply chain transparency and compliance.

Download this eBook to learn how we can assist you in your journey towards net-zero, ensuring a smooth and meaningful transition for a greener tomorrow.