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Sustainable fuels and the road to net zero.

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Sustainable fuels and the road to net zero.

Governments and businesses across the globe are re-doubling their efforts to control global temperature rise and mitigate the effects  of climate change. 

There is a large degree of consensus that  economies around the world need to commit to plans to achieve  “net zero” as soon as possible. Net zero means reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity, by both minimising emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The transition to electric powered vehicles could be a key pillar in the strategy to achieve net zero as electric motors do not release CO2 like combustion engines.  Plus, if the power used to charge the batteries that drive the electric motors in vehicles is generated from renewable sources, and the vehicles are made using sustainable manufacturing processes, it’s a triple win.

In this ebook you will find:

  • How aviation is working towards net zero by 2050.
  • How the International Maritime Organisation, as well as other land transport organisations, are driving their industries towards decarbonisation.
  • What are sustainability certificates and how they are becoming commonplace in business.
  • The potential for blockchain technologies to provide trust and transparency.


Download this free ebook and learn how Finboot can help you reach your sustainability goals through blockchain.