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How can we eliminate food fraud

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Finding the source of truth: How can we eliminate food fraud?

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Finding the source of truth

Every day, millions of consumers and companies rely on the food industry to supply, distribute and sell food that is safe for consumption. Due to its sheer size, it can be difficult to regulate and monitor every aspect of the food distribution system. Food fraud has been around for ages, and it has become a crime that has infiltrated supply chains to generate ill-gained profits. 

In this ebook, you will find…

  • Why food fraud matters and is a real issue in today's food supply chain
  • The real-life impact of food fraud on consumers
  • How to lower the vulnerability of the global food supply chain
  • How to leverage blockchain technology for traceability purposes
  • How companies can provide transparency, sustainability claims and increase consumer loyalty

Download this free ebook and learn how Finboot can help you minimize risk by tracing in real-time your food products moving along the supply chain.