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Logistics and Warehousing

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How Blockchain Can Improve Traceability in Complex Logistics and Warehousing Supply Chains

The complexity of logistics networks is increasing. Many still use antiquated paper documentation systems which make collaboration and sharing information amongst stakeholders difficult.

For many companies in the logistics and transportation industry, traceability is a major issue that is becoming a full-blown “pain point”. As more parties become directly involved in supply chains and third-party supportive networks increase, there’s constant communication disruption.

Technologies like Finboot’s MARCO platform aim to change this by creating a simplified way to manage information and transactions. 

In this ebook we unpack the benefits of using Blockchain for Logistics and Warehousing including:  

  • How blockchain can help in the logistical supply chain
  • How warehouse and logistics companies can use smart contracts in a variety of ways
  • How Finboot’s MARCO can provide a huge upgrade to supply chain technology

Download this free ebook and learn how Finboot technology can help you simplify data tracking and increase traceability and transparency.