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Blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical industry: Fostering Transparency and Traceability

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Blockchain Technology in The Pharmaceutical Industry:

Fostering Transparency and Traceability

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals have taken center stage in the last year with the spotlight firmly on the pharmacy industry. In the last year, the industry has been mobilised to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent vaccine rollouts. As a result, the global sector – composed of multiple stakeholders including companies, public entities and regulators – experienced some major changes as it hit an inflexion point.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a myriad of challenges: how can it drive revenue, meet patient and supplier demands and continue business growth and development?

In this ebook you will find…

  • What are the uses of blockchain in pharmaceutical supply chain management?
  • What are the problems that the pharmaceutical sector is facing after Covid-19.
  • How scrutinisation of health products can be improved.
  • How smart contracts can be deployed by and used to automatically verify tasks.
  • How blockchain can drive efficiency and traceability in clinical development.

Download this free ebook and learn how Finboot technology can help you increase your transparency, traceability and data sharing.