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Renewable feedstock ebook

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The importance of tracking renewable feedstock for supply chain integrity

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The growing consumption of carbon-based materials has created a series of issues for the environment, including a concerning rise in climate change, depletion of natural resources and pollution. Renewable feedstock is one of the solutions to combat modern society - but only if it can be reliably validated as genuine.

The lack of traceability of these renewable feedstocks throughout the supply chain can lead to unsubstantiated claims on the environmental impact of the products at the end of the chain.

The question now is how to monitor the movement of these resources to ensure the integrity of the supply chain process.

In this ebook, you will find…

  • What are the alternatives to non-renewable carbon-based resources
  • The principles and foundations of a circular economy
  • How to trace renewable feedstock throughout the supply chain
  • How to leverage blockchain technology for traceability purposes
  • How companies can provide transparency, sustainability claims and increase consumer loyalty

Download this free ebook and learn how Finboot can help you implement a circular economy by tracing renewable feedstock to ensure environmental sustainability for a better future.