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Repsol Case Study

Repsol achieves full traceability of net zero emissions fuels (HVO) for fleets. Tracing the full product lifecycle from production to consumption

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Repsol HVO Fuel Case Study

Learn with this case study:

Repsol has been a client since 2018 and uses our digital traceability solutions extensively across several business areas. They use our digital ecosystems for the traceability of low-carbon fuels like HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), and circular chemical products like packaging.



Pain points, customer’s goals, implementation details, business outcomes, and takeaways.



How blockchain can enhance digital traceability, ensuring transparency, sustainability, and ESG reporting.



How digital product passports and methods like mass balance and carbon footprint can improve a company's sustainability and support circular economy.


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¨This technology has the potential to transform our low carbon fuel operations. It streamlines the entire process, from oil collection to the final biofuel product consumption. Tracing the journey of our biofuel it's a game-changer for the future of the energy transition.¨

Dolores Cardenas, New product development for mobility and energy transition at Repsol.