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Case Study

SABIC becomes the first in their industry to unlock batch-level traceability from waste to packaging for their TRUCIRCLE products through MARCO Track and Trace.

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Ebook November 2023 - Digital Traceability - 0-1
MARCO Track & Trace ebook
Learn how to navigate the changing landscape of supply chains by leveraging digital traceability for sustainable and ethical supply chain management.
SABIC Download Pack - cover use case -
SABIC's use case
Find out the details of the Case Study and the main business outcomes and key results. Learn all about SABIC's successful case study. 
Ebook - Net Zero - Set 2023
Net-Zero ebook
The urgent climate issue at hand, we require innovative solutions. Blockchain can drive climate action and promote sustainability.
Sabic press release
SABIC's original press release
Read the official press release on SABIC’s use of blockchain for sustainable packaging. A collaboration with advanced recycling pioneer Plastic Energy, and
packaging specialist Intraplás.
SABIC logo Landing page pack
¨Finboot’s technology holds exciting potential for the provision of our TRUCIRCLE products to customers, and therefore for our commitment to supporting customers in their sustainability ambitions.¨

Waleed Al-Shalfan, Vice President Polymers Technology & Innovation

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SABIC's use case