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Pioneer no-code/low-code platform for blockchain powered digital ecosystems

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Unlock Web3 with MARCO

CIOs' top priority is to give emphasis to digital initiatives that reduce the time to value. Enterprises will need to accelerate benefit realisation because a tighter economic climate is in the near future. Digital initiatives are undoubtedly a terrific way to do that; often connected to modest capital expenditures, they can swiftly and favourably affect the top-line and bottom-line of a company.

We therefore need to look at the strategic technology trends for 2023 in order to start developing our future digital roadmap in the aim of prioritising digital. You can discover that the Future of the Internet, or the so-called Web3, is increasingly becoming a strategic focus.

Through this ebook we navigate through what we consider the best path forward to unlock the value of blockchain: that it by taking a no-code/low-code approach to enable Web3.

In this ebook you will find:

  • How MARCO can support business as the first no-code/low-code platform designed to enable blockchain
  • MARCO’s top features including smart contract manager, cloud wallet servers and GLOs (Generic Ledger Operations) and interoperability